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This comes as DailyMail. The actions that they were being fined for had nothing to do with the cake and were pretty decidedly NOT Christian. Franklin IS helping the poor, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, giving clothes to the naked, visiting the prisoners and doing all kinds of other acts of Christ-like love in places where others fear to go! Trump would belittle Jesus himselve as an unkempt libtard radical and accuse him of being paid by Soros to undermine the profits of the rightfully wealthy and jail him for throwing the moneychangers out of the temples. Carl, what makes you think the preachers in the large mega-churches who preach about making money, doom, gloom, and most of all fear, have any interest in listening to a preacher like Peter, who preaches love, caring, belief in Jesus, following his rules for life? Malia, you are mistaken. He has listened to those who have been forgotten, marginalized, and demonized.

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I agree that all we need is love, but what we have is division and strife.

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Thank you for posting your letter Peter. If you truly love and accept Jesus, you live your life in a way that minimizes your contribution to the pain he endured for us. And everyone has the inalienable right to life. Stop with the drama already! As a Christian, there is much that I agree with here, but not everything. How exactly would you suggest that the small-town pastor speak with Franklin Graham directly? I am not the one to say but, MAYBE God is either punishing us for our sins or maybe he trying to teach us a lesson just as he did with his chosen people, the Isrealites.

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I also agree with you that sexual prefernce is a choice. What a beautiful reply Kathie. British East Asian actors and writers pen letter And, reform his church? I have on many occasions, written FGrahamasking him for scriptures that justified his support of trump. This is not actually a pastor who wrote this. I have not been able to wrap my head around why the religous right has supported him so heartily when he has been caught in lie after lie and his behaviors toward others are far from Christian.

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