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InRolling Stone published an interview with Martin under the headline "The Jesus of Uncool," in which he discussed the influence of Radiohead on his own band. According to a Brisbane Times story, Aussie fan Robert John Kiunisala stripped down to his birthday suit at a Coldplay show because, well, he just loves the band that much. Listen to the song, which is flush with higher-than-high parts, and you'll hear all the breaths in and out and the cracks in his voice. Most often, it seems: Eventually, Gwyneth and Chris broke up, which would seem to have little bearing on whether or not Coldplay sucks, but people will probably bring it up this Sunday anyway, so it's worth remembering. Once Paul Rudd makes fun of you in a movie, it's hard to come back with that crowd. Reach him via Twitter chrisazzopardi.

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A Coldplay fan?

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Sign up for Newsletter. Back To Top. These are the songs that make fans grin like an idiot and spread their arms out like they're big, dumb birds. I'm far from the first writer to write a spirited defense or careful consideration of the group's music, and I won't be the last.

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Dan Jackson is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment and he still thinks Muse sucks but he's always willing to change his mind.

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