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A homosexual struggle may take years to manifest within a marriage. They can share effective ways of handling delicate family situations such as how to tell family members and friends about your child, how to explain homosexuality to younger children, and how to relate to your son or daughter's friends in a Christian way. Do not blame yourselves for a homosexual orientation in your child. The chaste life is possible, though not always easy, for it involves a continual effort to turn toward God and away from sin, especially with the strength of the sacraments of penance and eucharist. You may now feel that your child is not exactly the same individual you once thought you knew.

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White to have his congregation plummet to 70 members from within a month of his vote at the U.

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To follow Christ's way of love is the challenge before every family today. You may be feeling deceived or manipulated by your son or daughter. To Live in Christ Jesus: They can contain clues that lead to a fuller discovery of God's will for you.

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They are inseparably joined and rooted in one person, Jesus Christ, who reveals God to be ultimate truth and saving love.

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