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Submit my comment as a letter to the editor. Turning point But anti-gay critics were nothing if not resilient, and at some point they changed issues. As the century and millennia changed inconservatives were taking a different tack. Sign in to submit a comment: Most of it is not in the usual places—diaries, say—but in criminal proceedings. Restaurants to check out.

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There was one piece of assistance the gay community received from anti-gay bigots.

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But the state has never been particularly libertarian. You will be sent an email confirmation with a link that you must follow to validate your email address before your comment will appear on the site. One early case showed how it could be misused—in a shooting dispute between consensual lovers, one was charged with sodomy because the other accused him of rape. You need to be logged in to go any further. How much from Don? Who was prepared to turn his or her life upside down to eject the good people in it? Inhe was elected to the Nevada Assembly, named as speaker in his second term.

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But civilization is a thin veneer, and our worst instincts are often just beneath the surface where a skilled demagogue can tap them. The bill would make the treatment of gays and straights the same. He headed curriculum development for the Washoe County School District. Who some people are was basically made illegal. Suddenly—or so it seemed, as it was actually gradual—everyone knew someone who was gay. Then, inhe made a pass at an undercover cop in a park, and his life was annihilated.

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