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He stopped me and spoke. Sofia Pride march is often blocked by nationalists. Instead of denying the rumors and hiding, he came out of the closet at a very early point, earning respect among the other artists. Now moving on to the big league — those, who are not only out in the open, but also use their homosexuality to distinguish themselves among the other celebrities. In Novemberthe District Council of Pazardzhik voted in favor of Resolutionan amendment to the Public Decency Actforbidding the "public demonstration of sexual or any other orientation.

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The criminal code, however, does not include punishment for violence based on sexual orientation or identity.

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7 uncomfortable truths about being LGBT in Bulgaria

My truth was a personal matter, and therefore for me it was not important for my family and acquaintances to know. Deystvie organization shares how a lesbian who tells her colleagues how she has been on a holiday with her girlfriend might get hassled at work or even fired. State Gazette in Bulgarian. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The problem remains though — you need to hide, to watch out not to be noticed by others. Their proposal to meet a woman, to go out with her and try to have sex with her just pushed me away and I felt uncomfortable! National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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Yes, I've had relationships with men, but it doesn't mean it's all I do and all I am. This was a taboo, impossibility. I did not know anyone who was gay and it seemed unacceptable to my morality that I, out of everybody else, would start having a gay life. About Advertise with us. I visited a psychologist and a sexologist. I did not tell anyone what I had found about myself, it remained a secret. Being an open gay didn't really hurt his career in any way, but yellow magazines did cause a lot of stress for the young Kurkinski and his family in the beginning.

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