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So while Los Angeles County has more children in foster care than any other county in the nation, it is good to know that you are at part of the helm here in county government with your priority for foster kids. It was all so bright you had to wear shades—but only really cool designer ones, of course. Republicans were dead set against anything that would help our community, and the moderate democrats were afraid for their behinds and their seats should they vote for anything gay. Need to Know Xtra See all videos. What was the environment like at the time for a woman working in these fields?

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Think Globally, Act Hillbilly: A Road Trip through Kentucky on Grindr, Tinder

Johnny Are You Gay? For the generation that grew up without a lot of LGBT visibility, these coded personas provided some refreshing gayness in an otherwise exclusively hetero landscape. Did not having other kids around affect you in any way? And as the rain poured down on the interstate, I cranked up the new Fleet Foxes album, Crack-Upand wept tears of joy on the drive out of Appalachia. Claymore Gregg on The Ghost and Mrs.

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The room was filled with fascinating looking creatures from the fashion blogosphere—including two dead ringers for the Olsen twins, simultaneously scanning their phones—and they even paused from doing Insta-story to watch the show. The dishonestly opaque way they were presented made them a titillating taunt rather than a liberating breakthrough, but they still made a difference. I care about what happens to them. It was like play acting all the time. Read more at The New York Times.

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