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You say that oral sex with condom makes no sense, I understand that it may seem very strange but taking serious risks for not using condoms would be a real folly and then, if you're with a guy and you think of having a moment of intimacy, well, mutual masturbation is not dangerous if there is no contact between the sperm or the pre-spermatic liquid of one guy and the other guy's mucosa, I mean that also this is really sex and can be very rewarding, if lived in an emotional atmosphere, so it is not really worth taking risks with oral sex without protection. Well, I deleted the response I had prepared and I began to prepare a new answer, not because there was something to add to what we said on Skype, but because it could also be useful to many other guys. Forum Jump: You are afraid to build a stable couple life, it is as if you try to exorcise this eventuality looking for guys with whom to have very superficial contacts and above all trying to see in the sex a means of domination, as if it were a compensation to the lack of affection. Without the idea of domination, without having to enter the intimate life of the guys who masturbate on cam with me. Login Username: Login Register.

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The identity could have easily been leaked, they could have been followed and snapped, and with social media anything can be spread at the touch of a button. Related Posts Why is sectarianism still a problem in Scottish football? Justin Fashanu was the first openly gay player in the s, but it was reported his Nottingham Forest manager Brian Clough would abuse him for being gay.

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Fashanu remains the only high-profile footballer to come out whilst playing.

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