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It's not necessary to the storyline itself. Views Read Edit View history. Noah finds a specialist, neurosurgeon Reid Oliverwhom he believes he can cure his sight, and Luke tries to lure the arrogant doctor to Oakdale; when promises of money do not work, he successfully blackmails him. I think that need is universal. Within the series, Luke and Noah had talked about love, and had conversations about when they would first have sex. Primetime TV caught up in the mid-aughts — particularly with three specific characters. That's really all this story is.

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Honestly, four or five years ago, when I began acting, I would never have expected to be playing a gay character or to be here talking about this," Macintosh says.

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When Noah tries to track him down, the Colonel assaults him, but he manages to get away and reunite with Luke and Ameera, who has also escaped the Colonel. Will it happen again? Jean Passanante Leah Laiman. Only then — only when Jude and Connor's kiss is just an ordinary day on TV — will progress truly be complete. Noah continues to work on it, and it is at his instigation that the pair become housemates.

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Irna Phillips Executive producer: At press time, it was days and running. Jean Passanante Leah Laiman. When Noah visits his father in prison, he crushes the Colonel's hopes by revealing that his marriage to Ameera is in name only and that he and Luke are still a couple. But seeing mutual attraction play out in this fashion, especially among characters so young and not assured of their sexuality, is distinctive. As they finished their shopping they pulled closely together and shared a series of quick, passionate kisses.

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