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In that episode where he said he wanted to go straight he was talking about not leading a life of crime anymore. No, he's just gender-confused. The part of a scene goes like this: I'd love it if he was though just to kill Rocketshipping. We all know that he's a fictional character.

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They've won once in the show, but any seasoned player would never let them win in the game.

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Is james from pokemon gay?

He's a fictional character. There's a name that people use for his behaviour, which is sometimes associated with being gay, and that is called "Flamboyant. Related Questions James from Team Rocket However, there was one time that the innocence of the show was tainted by none other than the Team Rocket duo itself, specifically James. Her beauty attracted many suitors, and as such she went out with several boyfriends, all of whom treated her pretty badly and eventually left her. Luvdisc is back again this year to help you share your love and appreciation for those you care for!

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Ignore Posts by Vernikova. Jessibelle yes, they did actually have him be attracted to Jessibelle. Ignore Posts by Haza. November 30th, 7: Send a private message to Cerebelli.

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