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Thanks to all who helped me! Favorite team of all time: Off the guys, I also loved the black woman and her dad who got so moved by the slave ship gate in South Africa. I want more from the other teams and less from the BB team and I guess that will only happen if the BB team gets eliminated. But he was able to keep racing. Is someone hiding behind the curtain in that picture?

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Stopped watching once I realized he wasn't Marsha Blackburn.

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Justin Kanew

I like this quote in general. The fifteenth cycle started on sunday, september 27,with a two. I can't speak for everyone, but I know a lot of vets who respect him for his contributions. Quite frankly, I would play the game the same as Jessica. That is all I needed to hear. Seth Tyler from last season trying to get it on with single Chris.

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Has anyone seen this shitshow? Did Chip and Reichen kiss on their season? R, the lifeguards do not make it to the final three. I don't remember her doing anything other than the puzzle at the end. Stop obsessing over Cody and Jessica.

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