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He now defends the healthcare system he once campaigned against, the expensive failure of which to protect a large percentage of Americans originally helped elect him. Although opposing Republican budget-busting efforts to swell defence spending and revive the multi-billion dollar Star Wars fantasy the scheme is science fiction but the profits are realClinton has abandoned all talk of a peace dividend. Financial, sexual and family ties in their Washington Babylon interlock corporations and their lobbyists with paid elected servants and with the media celebrities who report the news. Will those tactics work, or is Ms. There's only one reason to do it:

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Having followed in the footsteps of Millard Fillmorearguably the most obscure and feckless president in American history, whose record of failing to veto an Act of Congress for hundreds of days Clinton was on the point of surpassing and who had been denied renomination by his own partyClinton transformed himself into Harry Truman, who turned the Republican triumph into a Democratic victory two years later.

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Ken Silverstein spent unearthing how criminals and oligarchs hide their money, but his story got ignored. Image via. But Silverstein's overwhelming feeling about the Panama Papers coverage is excitement—that it looks as though Mossack Fonseca is finally coming down. Mossack Fonseca, those people belong in jail," he says.

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Silverstein first discovered Mossack Fonseca while researching another storydigging into how criminals were buying up Miami real estate to launder their money.

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