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He's been laughed out of, if not thrown out of, every bar on Halsted. It's a non story. These livers don't destroy themselves! The documents he supplied listed a limo driver as Rashpal Multani instead. Not a damn thing. Now, let's see your bank records, scumbag.

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Is this still a libertarian publication?

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How could Michelle Bachmann not be repulsed every time she looks at Ladybird? If some of these kiss-ass reporters got off their asses Obama would be charged with murder. You only wish that was the truth. Now look at the damn mess I made spraying it around the room through my nostrils. Here's a little of what Kevin DuJan writes about himself on his bizarro website: Of course it would matter, r Second, the Jebus freaks and Regressives are freaking out because they see the writing on the wall and know they are going to crash and burn in November.

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O wait, I forgot. I would guess there were more than just those couple of guys who were gay at Trinity United Church of Christ considering UCC supports gay rights and gay marriage and did so even before Wed Jun 05, 1: Weigel knows the answer to that -- he sucks it often enough. If Romney wins, if all this nasty birther, gay stuff works, what does it say about the climate and the country we then have to live in? And, more to the point, how was Sinclair in a position to know??? The usual forum rules also still apply.