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We often do this in our haste to make everything OK and maybe patch up relationships that have come adrift. Love and accept them unconditionally Let's start with the obvious, and the most important! Families, transgender genderexpansive kids — GenderConferenceNYC is for you, and for the professionals who help. You can't predict from our stories or others you know what your child is feeling or thinking. Jennifer Apr 07, I took it okay but her dad not so much and now she feels like her dad doesn't love her. This goes just the same for young people who are desperate to label themselves as 'straight' in order to fit in.

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My daughter is gay:

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Ask Ammanda: My husband won't accept our daughter is gay

Lisa May 06, Reassure them that it doesn't change your love for them or your relationship. How do I get him to come around? Chantal Oct 07, This was soon after Mom had died of cancer and our other sister had been murdered, so I was really worried. Of course, you may want to talk through your beliefs with your child provided you also listen to them explain theirs. But hopefully this post will at least boost your confidence that the main need and priority here as a parent is, as it always is, to love and accept your child unconditionally, and by doing so to show them that they are truly lovable, and loved by God.

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We have had a number of emails from parents of same-sex attracted people, asking whether there is anything particular they should do to support their children. Love her as only a mother can I took it okay but her dad not so much and now she feels like her dad doesn't love her. Do you have a problem with that? I knew as did our dad and brothers. Mar 10 - 1: Thank you for seeing and fighting for our trans loved ones.

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