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So, alone, at home, men exploring their gender identity will try on female clothing as an aid to imagining themselves as women, so they can act, move, and even practice speaking as a woman. But, if you take that into account and find that rather than emulating the attitudes and philosophies of relatives of your born sex, you were in greater empathy with those of the opposite sex, then you are in line with what most transgednered people felt as they grew up. And so, since just about everyone has some degree of transgenderism, just about everyone feels at least a little constrained in their assigned gender role. Most cross dressers never lose the urge. I'm just saying that I haven't encountered such a thing. Do you have any physical characteristics that are far too female to be normal?

I can't tell you exactly what's going on physically, nor can I guarantee you won't cause yourself problems.

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It is this angle that makes girls throw like girls and that led my friend to take off her tee- shirt the way she did. Vocabulary Think about the phrase, "I Got a pain in my gut. Now, I referred above to the "feminine dialect". Just go back in your throat the way you do when you gargle and make that standard gargling sound. They all thought it was a stupid idea and ridiculed me.

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Do you have to be on guard all the time to prevent yourself from falling into feminine poses and movements? Copyright Transgender Support Site. Society would have you think so. You can notice the difference in the way men and women will order at the speaker of a drive- through fast food restaurant. The WWW now consists of almost million sites. Sometimes the stair steps go down to lower into that conspiratorial tone. In such a case you are far more likely to be transgendered or transsexual than anything else.