Transgendered transition stories

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I got bullied a lot. This is what happens for people who are transsexual and our minds tell us that our genders do not conform to our anatomical sex. Throughout this article we use the preferred names and gender pronouns of those that were interviewed, which may differ from what they were assigned at birth. Many transgender individuals--people who seek to change their gender--once felt compelled to live largely secret lives. About the same age I realised I was different to these other boys.

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Pop culture is reflecting this trend, with trans individuals gaining major roles in popular or highly-acclaimed TV series.

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Shattering Transgender Stereotypes: Personal Stories Of Transition

Holly Ahlberg was born male. I had one job where they got rid of me and then they wrote to every company I applied to and said: Jack was able to put me in contact with a few other people who were making the same transition and he also urged me to seek medical help. I was referred to Tavistock [the clinic for children and adolescents] in May Whether it was the hormones or just the knowledge that I was finally doing something about how I felt about myself, but it also had the beneficial effect of reducing the bouts of depression which I suffered from to the extent that they became virtually nonexistent. They know, but I just started transitioning.

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Back in those days, there were no such things as home computers, the internet or other support groups — I was totally alone and in a desperate attempt to make contact with anybody else out there who might be able to help me, started going to some of the gay pubs and bars which were dotted around the city centre — and it was here that I first met the drag queens and knew instantly that I had absolutely nothing in common with them — they delighted in parodying women — not being women, and in the end returned home completely traumatised and beaten mentally and spiritually. They were dismissive about the fact that I was feminine. She makes me the envy of many trans people, I think. Fast forward my life to the present and I am again very active in transgender politics having started Transfigurations in as there were no support groups for trans people in Torbay. One of my earliest memories, about five years old, was being yelled at by a teacher for going to the toilet with the girls.

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