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There is, I think, a deeper reason to question a queer reading of The Great Gatsby: Or was there some snide remark about haircuts and cross-dressing? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. McKee is gay. McKee who suggestively fondles a handle, then denies doing it, and Nick is in his underwear while McKee ticks off the titles of his engravings This reminds me of amateur literary critics who said Shakespeare was gay. You can guess how some of those stories went:

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I think it would be wrong to suggest an author as great as Fitzgerald would stitch himself into one reading of Nick - he did want an author should do and probl

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He muses on being one year older, including a statement I can't remember the exact quote that mentions a decreasing number of single men to know. Log In Here. On more than one occasion, I had to write for a sign that could only accommodate four words. I see nothing but supposition and innuendo based on some very creative readings of the text, not to mention a lot of assumptions.

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It's often too much of a jump to assume things about the author based on the protagonist in their novel.

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