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Take care of your skin. Facial hair grows at different rates between men. If your confidence is low, it may be difficult to make proper eye contact with others. LGBT In other languages: Men in general are more visually-oriented than women. Despite stereotypes, however, there is no narrowly-defined way of looking great as a gay man. When you're speaking with someone one-on-one, make eye contact for seconds before looking elsewhere.

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Shave or pluck away stray hairs on your face or below your neckline.

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Some studies show that good posture can act as a positive feedback loop when it comes to confidence. Even if you don't feel sick, certain health problems can lower your energy and mood, keeping you from looking and feeling your best. Strength training not only builds aesthetically-pleasing muscle, but it also burns calories more efficiently than most other exercises. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. Your doctor can screen for subtle health issues. Wearing perfectly fitted clothing makes you appear more put together and mature, even if you're just wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Smooth, healthy skin has universal appeal.

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Even if you sport a full beard, you will need to shape it to look sharp. Use soap and water to rinse away dirt, dead skin, and bacterial buildup. Pair with a blazer for a smarter look or a sweater. Men in general are more visually-oriented than women. Staying fit will make you look and feel great.

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