An interview with a transgender woman

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And so it's sort of those types of little decisions from what you wear in the morning to how you walk home to how you speak and when you speak. And yet, every moment came with that revelation that it could be the last, that people will have that joy again, but you might not. I want to be treated the same. Yeah, well, my guess is that they don't realize that I'm trans as I'm walking by because there are few - you know, there are not many things more stigmatized than a straight man being attracted to a trans woman. Your fraternity brothers - 'cause you'd been in a fraternity when you were still identifying as a male - your fraternity brothers came to your room to offer their support.

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Well, I think, you know, I think for me the points that always caused sort of the most pain was when I was in just an all male-setting, right?

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Trans Woman Reflects On Love, Loss And The Fight For Equality

I told him, we're just talking about moving it up so that you can be ready for your chemo and your radiation, and it's clearly going to take more out of you than we anticipate, so why don't we just do it while you're as, you know - as strong as possible? He got a sore on his tongue that wouldn't heal. As a seven-year-old, Mock went to live with her father in Oakwood, California. And fortunately, Bishop Gene went out and helped us find a funeral home that, even though Andy was being cremated, assured us that they would affirm his gender identity in everything they did. She stops in her tracks and bursts out laughing. But he died of cancer, leaving Sarah a widow at the age of

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He had worked with us. And so so much of the relationship and the roles we had were based on this sort of patient-caregiver relationship. And that experience was empowering for me, and it demonstrated that with stories and with education, most people will respond in the right way when a loved one or a friend or a neighbor comes out as trans. Topics The G2 interview. So we'll be back after a break.

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