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Al Jarreau performance. Chisel possesses a knack for vivid storytelling and the ability to turn a clever phrase within his songs. He was known to play fast tempos, which became a staple of many of his recordings. BoDeans to play 'hometown' show at Weill Center. Our mission is to inspire and transform the Milwaukee community. Steve Miller rants at Rock Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Experimental Milwaukee-based rapper Milo blends philosophical examination with playful pop culture references, creating a style of his own while amassing a cult following and critical praise.

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The Friendly Indians come off as nice fellas who would rather ingratiate themselves than tear your ears off.

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Bon Iver's '22, A Million' premiere. CT July 25, Updated 6: BoxSunset Beach, CAor via e-mail: Join our mailing list to have these links delivered to your inbox.

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