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This was an admirably clear proposition for the programme, yet it suffered a fatal flaw right from the get-go: I am suprised caring about your appearence is classed as gay tho. And he met an American quack, whose approach to curing homosexuality involved the patient colouring in a diagram of the human brain with coloured pencils. In TV and Radio reviews. Yep i'm gay and i'm proud. Image resizer by SevenSkins. Note I removed my name from the image for privacy reasons.

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Archishop of Canterbury says 'Church viewed liked racists over homosexuality' In an American church car park, Jessen interviewed teenage parishioners who opined that homosexuality was caused by demons.

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Channel 4 Gay Test

Originally Posted by Redrup. He's nice, but I wouldn't I'm not really interested in girls". Originally Posted by westham Image resizer by SevenSkins. Originally Posted by Sismael.

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All of these encounters had the sneering scepticism of a Louis Theroux, rather than the open curiosity of a medical doctor. Yes, almost as much as guys. Note I removed my name from the image for privacy reasons. In pretending to approach those cures on their own terms, the programme never said, loud and clear, that that belief is false and harmful. Originally Posted by Ben. Where you wanna go?

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