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Tammy Grimes and Brian Bedford, who were appearing on Broadway at the time in a revival of Coward's classic play, Private Livesperformed a medley of Sir Noel's most popular songs. In Januarydespite a vociferous letter campaign, ratings forced the show to be cut back to occasional status, airing one week a month under the umbrella title ABC's Wide World of Entertainment. This impromptu interview was well received by the audience and, among other things, humorously acknowledged Cavett's talk show competitors such as Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin. Cavett had made a reference to the "bigots" who had elected Maddox. Actress Carol Burnett appeared and was interviewed for the entire 90 minute program. He said at the time of the film's release, "I'm happily enjoying a movie, and suddenly I'm in it. Retrieved February 13,

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The New York Times Company.

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The Dick Cavett Show

Cavett's writer was Dave Lloyd. Retrieved April 13, The suit spanned more than four years. During the show, Paar worked in some of the lines Cavett had fed him. It was later revealed through then-President Richard Nixon 's secret White House tapes that Nixon wanted to "get rid" of Cavett because of this debate. One show from June featured a debate between future senator and presidential candidate John Kerry and fellow veteran John O'Neill over the Vietnam War.

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The Candide snippet became Cavett's theme song, being used as the introduction to his later PBS series, and was played by the house band on his various talk show appearances over the last 30 years. In Tim Burton 's Beetlejuicehe played a rare bit part as a character other than himself as Delia's agent. Kelly's in Chicago and the Hungry i in San Francisco. He laughed and asked what I had liked, and I said I liked the lady who showed me the nearest exit so that I would not be forced to vomit indoors. Mitchell wrote the song " Woodstock " based on descriptions by Graham Nash and from the images she saw on television, as she could not be there in person.

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