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But what a feat! The rest of Esmond's public albums on Facebook: To see other public albums, please click HERE. Poisonous Plants to Cats. And this one is called 'The Mini-Leopard" and was filmed on 27th August There is also a tour of his home and the Sarez cattery:

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Newspaper and Magazine Articles:

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Esmond Gay's Bengal Articles & Links

When I look at the photos on this page, I'm not surprised that most who behold Zeus are captivated! It summarises all the main events in our careers - and some of the problems that we encountered as well. As well as our "Sarez Animal Rescue Sanctuary", we also set up a wild cat conservation programme, keeping African leopards, ocelots, servals and rarer subspecies of leopard cat. He was the only breeder in the UK who succeeded in hybridising from them and did so not with just one leopard cat, but with two - only a tiny handful of breeders in the world have achieved this incredibly difficult feat. To see other public albums, please click HERE.

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This is a delightful interview featuring Sarez Zeus. To see other public albums, please click HERE. As for Zeus, well, again, I agree with Esmond; "He is as popular today as he was inas one can see on the Internet". The image below illustrates the beauty of Sarez Pow Wow. And as the babies had such stunning wild features, Esmond repeated the mating and in AprilSarez Pow Wow and her brother were born. Here's another article Esmond wrote: It describes the intense publicity surrounding this cat, and there is also a letter from Jean Mill, one of the founders of the breed, in which she praises our cats.

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