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Luis' high stature opens a lot of doors, providing a view of life behind the velvet rope. The shopfront of strip clubs have often appeared in some form, either as part of street scenery, particularly in red-light districts, or as an interactive locale, complete with interiors and even the ability to pay for a strip club's facilities. The stockier backroom stripper is also replaced by a slimmer and more scantly-clad counterpart. Interior of the Pole Position. If you have a friend such as Roman at the strip club, he will help you fight the Security Guards. It should also be noted that guards constantly respawn, so the player will not be able to clear the clubs.

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The club scene is a small part of The Ballad of Gay Tony, but serves as one more enjoyable distraction.

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Upgrading a Protection racket site to high roller status transform the building into a strip club, where a dancer can be seen performing inside. The Triangle Club as seen from the subway tracks. There is also more variation in the types of dancers available.

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Strip clubs have appeared in Grand Theft Auto:

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