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Prophets in the Quran: Other pieces of national legislation implicitly support the equal protection of minorities against violence and discrimination. The rulings resulted in retributive attacks against minorities. Amnesty International Website: Persons from several countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States are able to enter Russia without a visa, but they need to obtain a work permit and residence registration. Brill Publishers Some of Muhammad's Companions.

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Muhammad — prepared the Constitution of Medinataught the Quranand advised his companions.

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Zayd ibn Ali — These and other factors — including the construction of the Kaptai Dam in the late s and early s — were the cause of considerable conflict as indigenous peoples were impoverished or forced from their land amid a rapid shift in population, actively encouraged by the government. Mansoura, Egypt:

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Furthermore, community members face serious problems in securing employment due to negative stereotyping and obstructions to renewing temporary residence permits.

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