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The Two-Way. Mollies Urnings. Though it is ambiguous, historians have considered the attraction in question to be erotic or sexual. Between and Maimonidesone of the foremost rabbis in Jewish history, compiled his magnum opus, the Mishneh Torah. January 21, The New York Times. That is, putting two and two together and not coming up with two and a half.

gay women in the 1700 s
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Fox News.

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Gay marriage ban unconstitutional". This article has multiple issues. Her friend Leaena comments that "They say there are women like that in Lesbos, with faces like men, and unwilling to consort with men, but only with women, as though they themselves were men". Retrieved March 16,

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Toklas, a modernist memoir of her Paris years written in the voice of Toklas, which became a literary bestseller.

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