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Greek Islands Odyssey All-Gay Cruise Discover the magic and mythology of the Greek Isles — one of the most storied regions of the world — on a private all-gay voyage of the beautiful tall ship, Star Flyer. The Baltic States are a tapestry of sea, lakes and woods. The extravagant and lavish Pride Week takes place annually at the beginning of the summer, when the sun shines brightly on the Tel Aviv shores. The Douro river gracefully makes its way through what is probably the most spectacular wine region of the world - the birthplace of port. Just let your imagination flow with this amazing 4 talks and workshops:

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In fact, the Serengeti itself is so vast that you can drive for an entire day and not encounter any other human being.

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Destination Expert for Gay Travel. People come from all over the world just to strut around in costumes of their own design. Immerse yourself in Peru, home of the richest treasures, the bloodiest conquests, and the most advanced ancient civilizations. You can enjoy the stunning South Shore as well as the excitement of Gay Pride in one of the most welcoming countries on Earth. Spain is a rich collection of regions, each fiercely proud of its own identity.

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January 1 - 13, No destination can compete with the safari opportunities in this stunning East African lands and our 8-day adventure through some of the most famous and spectacular national parks and conservation areas on the planet is testament to that fact. OUTstanding Travel makes celebrating your Pride as seamless as possible, from accommodations at the best hotels in the city, to insuring your entry to the most exclusive parties and fabulous events taking place during Tel Aviv Gay Pride We'll see lush landscapes and lakeside cities. Discover how Costa Rica earns its reputation as a natural wonderland on this two-week gay group adventure tour through one of the most exciting, striking, and socially progressive countries in Central America. The mountain kingdom of Bhutan remains one of the old world's last few strongholds, as yet unspoilt by civilization. While 6 million people from around the world getting together to drink beer and sing Bavarian songs might not sound like a gay haven, for one special Sunday during the legendary Oktoberfest, it kinda is.

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