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The words are labels. Shooting these images was fucking huge because I felt for the first time, very solidly, that I was finally in my own voice as an artist. In just about any trans nightclub or online community; trans attracted men end up becoming the best of pals with other men who share their interest. Editor Dec 6, Respect is an aphrodisiac. Like my tits, they are just words, but had held me prisoner my entire life. I'm a huge proponent of trans women having full agency over our bodies and our futures.

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Working in the medium of photography, McClure explores themes of gender, identity and authenticity through portraiture self and of others and images of the body.

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Sep 17, I stopped being numb and started getting angry. I got sober, I got honest and my art got real.

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Not to mention, engaging in transphobic dialogue sustains the very culture that makes most men feel they need to hide their attraction to us in the first place.

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