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It would be a different story. In addition, matelotage among pirates was not forced. Those that are pushed out into societal margins do not often remain there, and piracy and homosexuality are no exception. I thought it would never be a problem here in Canada. Pirate matelotage could be entered into openly and freely, and was not forced on anyone: I still love my family so much.

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There is, however, another legacy derived from matelotage.

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Eventually I think I would have cracked and gone for it, for sure. Namespaces Article Talk. Did you really believe that you could be happy living a heterosexual lifestyle? In some ways, it resembled structures in other male-dominated societies throughout history—a couple of aspects were similar to the homosexuality practiced by Greek and Roman society, in that it occasionally took the form of older pirates having sexual relationships with teenage boys.

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Namespaces Article Talk.

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