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January 4, However, its investigation revealed errors in the wind overturning moment calculations performed by the shipbuilder and approved by ABS. Additionally, rice paddy coverage decreased from It is believed that most of the crew were thrown into the sea at the time of the capsize. Unocal Corporation [1] Operator: The increasing severity of the weather forced the drilling crew to hang the drill pipe on the lower rams. In early November, a monsoon trough over the Gulf of Thailand showed signs of tropical cyclogenesis.

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With many of the destroyed structures being constructed from wood, reinforced concrete structures were the suggested replacement.

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Typhoon Gay (1989)

The typhoon then moved ashore near KavaliAndhra Pradesh. Retrieved from " https: Retrieved December 25, Other typhoons which have traversed the gulf have all formed outside the gulf and then entered the gulf, providing substantially more warning of their intensity and direction. Following post-storm surveys, it was determined that most of the severely damaged schools were built improperly and the upper-floors were not designed to bear typhoon-force winds.

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For most of Typhoon Gay's existence, a strong anticyclone to its north steered the storm to the west or west-northwest. Orders of Joint Collector. Officials used trucks to help fishermen move boats off the beach, which was being beaten up by strong waves. Moving generally northwestward, it became a tropical depression later that day and underwent rapid intensification. Retrieved November 26, Indian Meteorological Society The anchor winch was not working, so the chief engineer was trying to cut through the anchor cable with a fire axe in an apparent attempt to free the ship from the anchor so that it could navigate and steam up the bow anchor cable thereby avoiding wind and waves on its beam.

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