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Why have you lied!? Goku felt better than ever then said "that was great last night", Vegeta just shouted at Goku saying "damn you Kakarot I got your fever" now shouting at Goku, Goku came up to him and put his index finger on Vegeta's mouth and said "hush and get some sleep. Why can't I be skinny like everyone else!? Goku not giving a care in the world simply looked out the window and gave a smile to Vegeta. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Then Bra walked in and said: Vegeta had had enough of this nonsense

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He stayed in that position, his back facing towards his parents and Goten. I heard daddy shouting Vegeta now blushing started speaking to Goku about the ointment. Goku gave one last kiss to Vegeta before he fell a sleep of being exhausted. Still having an erection Vegeta pulled both boxer and pants up still leaving a shape in his pants turned off the T.

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Goku turned to stare at his youngest son. Goku couldn't wait anymore he ripped his own shirt off and turned Super Saiyan inserted himself into Vegeta's small ass Vegeta moaned every time Goku went in. Be sure to check out her fanfics Goten started to giggle like a little girl as a plan formed in his mind. And it is half 12 at night!!

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