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He told Greg to sit on his bed, and he pulled up a chair for himself. He stood in front of Greg, squeezing his erection through his jeans. Knowing that his new friend was so interested in him turned Greg on more than the video. Whenever he reached above for something, his tight abdomen was revealed, as well as the thin line of elastic strap from his underwear. But doing it with someone else right there? But was Greg ready for this new experience? Greg shook his head, too embroiled in the moment to answer verbally.

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Taking the cue, Greg stood up and unbuckled his belt. Greg preferred to wear a t-shirt, usually just a bit too small. He slipped his hand in his pants and slowly stroked his prick through the briefs. He started flipping through one of them, becoming slightly aroused.

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Matt lived in a room with one other guy, but he was not in at the time.

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