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The law went into effect on 1 March Movement Advancement Project. Rather, children have a right to grow up with the love that only a mother and a father can jointly provide. Diferentes, mas iguais: Children of lesbian and gay parents. The Privateer. These results are relevant to the extent that they allow a comprehension of the rights gained by homosexual people, starting from the socially developed concepts that anchor justifications in positive precepts, associated with adoption and childhood development as equal in any context.

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Clearly, laws should be passed protecting the moral and religious rights of adoption agencies, which should be able to help children find the loving homes they need without violating their deeply-held religious convictions about marriage and family.

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Structured interviews and sociodemographic questionnaires were used and were analyzed using the IRaMuTeQ software, which organized the social representations into classes of lexical proximity. Archived from the original on 5 May No laws allowing adoption by same-sex couples.

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Windy City Media Group.

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