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Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. All rights reserved. I set the jars on the shelf in my kitchen and let the "mother" and the yeast do their thing. I can honestly say it made absolutely no difference to my health. All rights reserved. After I read that Roger Federer had a vinegar shot with breakfast every day, I tried it.

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This condition is not related to ordinary arthritis, however, which is the most common joint problem.

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I drank it but had to take medicine for the acid reflux, so that negated any positive effect. Raw, unfiltered ACV does have benefits, it does kill some fungus -- great for dandruff which is a fungal infection. It makes a great anal douche. Are you a regular ACV user?

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Into the feeder he dumped a scoop of steamed oats, followed by a half a scoop sweet feed.

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