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The Saudi government has frequently blocked Internet users in the kingdom from accessing web pages or other online content that express support for LGBT rights. Nor have they shied away from accusing Israel [note 5] of crimes against humanity for its bombardment of civilian areas in the Gaza Strip. This page was last modified on 19 Januaryat Nevertheless, the Saudis have been getting rather pissed at America for the recent and justifiable "fuck you"s given to them by the Obama administration. Ever since a gay rainbow flag was waved by someone during a concert last month in Cairo, Human Rights Watch reports that dozens of LGBT Egyptians and their supporters have been arrested on charges such as "inciting sexual deviancy" and "disrupting societal cohesion. In the Saudi government reported that it had sentenced nine Saudi men to extensive prison terms with lashing for engaging in cross-dressing and homosexual relations.

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A Story of Persecution, Guilt and Secrecy. The United States, until recently a leader in the global effort to advance human rights, voted against the resolution. The Hilton is an international American chain, which is used to hosting gay travellers. And perhaps he does, except for the freedom and security to express who he is. A call-in TV show may feature a discussion about the immorality or "illness" of homosexuality, or, as in the case of Mirel Radoicoverage may focus on a celebrity, in this case a Romanian-born football player, implying, as a false insult, that another football player was gay. As we now know [note 3] a religiously motivated invasion of Afghanistan was a bad idea and many, including Saudi-born Osama bin Ladeneither radicalized before or during their time in Afghanistan.

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In fact its running tally of people executed including for such "crimes" as apostasyhomosexuality or adultery is higher than that of Daeshbut the latter while somewhat distracted by following the Saudi model and carving out a recognized state by military conquest is trying to catch up fast. However, in a stopped clock moment, William Kristol called out their hypocrisy. If the other members of OPEC were to cheat on their quotas, the Saudis could flood them out and thus cause prices to crash. What happens if you suffer from illness, injury, theft or a cancellation? In fact, signs of worship from other religions are commonly confiscated and discarded at immigration checks.

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