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I wanted to taste it but I wasn't sure if I wanted to swallow it or spit it out, or maybe even just take him to the edge in my mouth and finish him off with my hands while I watched it shoot. He skullfucked me for a while then pulled his cock back so just the head was in my mouth and unloaded. I licked his sack for all it was worth. I didn't know the answers and it aroused me. I got so I looked forward to it.

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Now I was worried, up till now I sucked guys off.

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I saw him a few times in the variuos chat rooms. I guess I always wanted to know what those girls felt like bobbin up and down on my throbbin man meat. Just like that.

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He thrust three more times, each time letting go of another stream of cum as his cock was deepest in my mouth, practically shooting right down my throat.

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