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I look forward to sharing my horny fantasies about famous men with both new and old readers on newTumbl. If you like to write your own celebrity gay sex storiesyou can submit them to be published on the site. Soon Pine was bound to the x-shaped piece of equipment, his feet and arms apart as his wrists and ankles were shackled in place. The site has hundreds of celebrity gay sex stories including dozens of male celebrities. Fassbender looked to the corner of the room and smiled at his cuck, showing him his approval before he gestured for him to come over.

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They were more handsome, more muscular and more hung than he ever was.

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I hope you enjoy reading my stories, and above all I hope you email me at sethwilson. Chris could feel the pressure in his penis building and he knew he was close to cumming, every tap to his sweet spot sending him closer to the edge. Of course all of the photos are gay porn photos with celebrities faces super imposed on top of the photos. Immediately after arriving he headed downstairs to the BDSM section and met with the man who brought him here; Michael Fassbender. You can also submit your own celebrity gay sex stories. Michael continued to swing his hips and revel in the joy of dominating another man.

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The Adventures of Darrian Arcenaux. Michael knelt down behind Chris and grabbed his ass, giving it a good squeeze before sticking his face between the cheeks and licking his taint. As the story continues, we learn more about Corey. The site posts new celebrity gay sex stories every day so you will never run out of fantasies to read. A story about a college freshman that goes through a traumatic event and the men that bring him back to life

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