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Odds are, if you are together long enough, someone will get sick or laid off, a car will break down, or some other emergency will pop up. You can follow her on TwitterFacebookand Instagram. The IRS doesn't recognize same-sex marriage even if you live in a state that does. Comments 36 HD — April 15, I would imagine, and this might be wrong, that those who were same-sex married in a state that allows it e. My point is, if you are either A. Federal income tax return.

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Gay Money Matters Info:

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If you are married to someone of the same sex, you are still considered single for federal tax purposes. The threshold for deducting medical expenses now stands at 10 percent of adjusted gross income, up from 7. Tax Planning for Life's Major Events More and more couples are discovering what a mess it can be when the federal government and the states have starkly different rules. Not my sex and not my status. Here there is no same-sex marriage option, just married. By Stacy Teicher Khadaroo Staff writer.

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One friend procrastinated and found himself stuck in a middle seat, squeezed between two hefty Midwesterners, for almost double what I paid. So domestic partners who file jointly in California must complete a total of four tax returns. The financial sector ranked higher than many others, according to the survey. Not to mention jail time. Like a lot of gay people, I love to travel. Obtain the proper amounts of life insurance, and consider disability and long-term care insurance. Plan, Plan, Plan - Capable couples communicate about money early and often.

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