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More information. BASE Jumping, sees Luis either jumping off a building — either on foot or off a motorcycle — or from a helicopter and either landing on a designated spot, on a moving vehicle, or hitting a series of checkpoints before reaching the landing spot. With the help of Yusuf who kills Bulgarin's henchmen attacking Luis with his Buzzard attack chopper, Luis manages to board the plane and kill all of Bulgarin's remaining henchmen on board. Once there, they both decline Yusuf's proposal to franchise the clubs, as they prefer to keep it a "family business". Club Management focuses on Luis keeping an eye on one of the clubs, where he acts as a bouncer and moves between different areas of the club such as the Bar or the VIP loungedealing with anyone who is highly drunk, causing trouble, or dealing drugs, while on some occasions, he may be called to check in on the club's manager, Joni. Giovanni Ancelotti orders that the diamonds are to be used as a ransom payment for his daughter Gracie, who was kidnapped by Niko and Packie.

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Presumably the night before the mission Tunnel of Deathshe went to a four-day, luxury rehab clinic in Los Santos before checking out on day three, again going under the influence of drugs and alcohol and crashing her red Huntley Sport into a Wigwam Burger restaurant that night. The Grenade Launcher and Assault Shotgun from The Lost and Damned also return, with the latter capable of firing regular or explosive rounds. Hidden categories: Supporting characters.

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Minor characters.

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