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The trendy boys of Fire Island decide they'd rather go to tea-dance than bottle feed, and the unfortunate infants are ditched in the They also aired graphic undercover footage: The clock is ticking Last Ferry Crime, Drama, Thriller Post-production When a young gay lawyer arrives on Fire Island to explore his sexuality, he becomes witness to a murder after being drugged. A documentary encompassing gay life in New York City. R 80 min Drama, Romance. The son of a woman dying of a brain tumour tries to fulfil his mother's last wish:

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If one is willing to be a little dishonest having a free vacation can be as easy as a day at the beach.

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With the blessing of the state of Florida, Croteau and Lofton have been parenting Bert, Frank and Tracy since they were infants. For one, Bert and his siblings have two daddies -- Lofton and Roger Croteau, gay men in their mids who have been together since Please select Newsletter option. Going from Jesus to a chicken was a good move. And imagine if Bert could grasp the whole, surreal truth: We are all made of water - it brings us life. I knew it needed constant attention to grow and mature.

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The Invasion Not Rated 81 min Documentary 6. But Wayne and Ernie were quickly accepted. A man and a woman are compelled, for legal reasons, to live life as a couple for a limited period of time. Stonewall R 99 min Comedy, Drama, Romance 6. Was I that little? His older brother, Frank, broke in the fledgling parents.

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