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Recent Posts. Because it always comes back to the good-old-boy judges — who they are, what they prefer, what they're afraid of. What it's like to skate for no reason other than that you love it. Visit our community guidelines for more information. Peter the president is choosing her words very carefully. He is a beautiful skater, but without a quadruple jump, he has no real chance of winning a medal unless the other contenders completely fall apart. Some of the pressure, he says, comes from girls at the rink, who vastly outnumber the boys and can be outspoken in evaluating their rink mates as potential boyfriends; some of it comes from skaters being homeschooled, often living at home until they're done competing, so they have fewer points of contact with the outside world.

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He's also publicly straight.

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Chen fell to 17th place with He's 28 years old, planning to retire at the end of the season and cautious; he was criticized last year for comparing Russia's laws — which have motivated the rape, torture, and murder of gay men and women — to bad interior design. From then on he was hooked, and he stayed with the sport despite being mocked at school. I have a hard time believing that figure skating is a particularly homophobic sport.

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