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This question is like asking "Who's a bottom on DataLounge? My friend is a solid 6 on the Kinsey scale with a "gf" he's supposedly in love with Come let me adore you oh come let me adore you. Fixer Upper 6pm 5c. Then the show sets up two other houses in the price range and the Realtor and buyers go through them and pretend they're still looking for a house.

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Or personality, for that matter.

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Who''s Gay on HGTV?

I hear he's lived with the same guy for the last six years. Barry Wood is a shit "architect" and he's freakishly contorted -- arms and legs and torso all akimo as though a nightmare of scoliosis. HGTV offers up plenty of ordinary queer fare with House HuntersFlip or Flopthe wonderfully metro Property Brothers and its many spin-offsand my current though less racially and culturally diverse non-tiny fave, Fixer Upperwhich stars an adorable straight mixed-race Christian couple in Waco, Texas, who reinvent houses, love shiplap, and raise lots of cute kids. Edmund left Canada and moved to Chicago. The male designer was a good-looking guy, but he was throwing his arms and hands about, prancing around, and prattling on about the tremendous designs they could do with the home. Wow, that sucks about Mike V.

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Dave Sheinkopf is appealing enough. This is a case where beauty does not overshadow his over flaws. Bizarre about Lee Snijders producing porn. And in the finale, she was chosen by voters apparently because the public liked her better than the year-old guy who kept taking his shirt off and trying to act like a surfer dude. Or personality, for that matter. Brice Cooper from Design on a Dime is my fav.

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