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The public attitude towards gay men may negatively affect mental health, causing frustration, distress, and depression. Jamaica, Three Years Later: Consequently, Chinese gay men may be preferentially vulnerable to mental health problems and psychopathology symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, hostility, and so on [ 3738394041 ]. Personal challenges and mental health problems. A cross-sectional survey was conducted from November to December using the Chinese version of the Symptom ChecklistR SCLR to assess the status of, and factors associated with the mental health of Chinese gay men.

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Catalyst, Flip the Script:

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Black men in the United States were often lynched after being falsely accused of raping White women. Passport Pub. Rather, most research has been conducted only with convicted perpetrators or with pedophiles who sought professional help. Classifying child abusers:

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Limitations Given the fact that there are a very few studies conducted in China to investigate and explore mental health conditions of sexual minorities, and limited literature is available for reference.

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