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This is a time for statesmanship not partisanship. Using the term "radical Islam" also does not change any strategy because U. On Sunday, Orlando residents lined up to donate blood following the shooting massacre. She said his family was from Afghanistan and confirmed that Mateen was born in New York and later moved to Florida with his family. Fret's manager, Eduardo Rodriguez, confirmed his client's death in a statement to Billboard.

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He refuted reports Mateen had sought to purchase body armor from his store, saying he didn't sell such equipment to begin with.

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Somewhere, the system to catch potential attackers in the U. Pride festivities in West Hollywood over the weekend. In a special mini-episode of BuzzFeed's No One Knows Anything politics podcast, legal editor Chris Geidner talks about hate crimes, statistics, and helping police to identify crimes that single out the LGBT community in the wake of the deadly attack in Orlando.

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Univision noted they have not been able to independently verify "Miguel's" story, but that the FBI did confirm officials have been questioning the man.

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