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Hormone therapy in trans women, while resulting in reduction of testosterone levels and increases in levels of progesterone and estrogen, has not been perceived to have a significant effect on voice or the perception of feminine voice. The incision is hidden as best as possible in a skin crease and closed using plastic surgery technique. Flow phonation and resonant voice therapy are two common voice therapy techniques. The components of voice production are primarily addressed through behavioral voice therapy. However, transgender women who were misidentified as male had fewer upward and more downward intonation patterns than females and transgender females who were correctly identified. Some people experience a profound discomfort with their biological sex. The patient's speaking fundamental frequency is centered around hz or approximately G3, considered the androgynous range.

transsexual voice change
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Former smoking does not automatically prevent successful surgery.

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A CT scan is not required. A particular group, who identify as transsexual and have a firm belief their sex at birth is the opposite of their gender identity, frequently request help to transition to a gender presentation that matches their gender identity and experience. The theorized advantage is that the patient would be able to further modulate pitch.

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In all patients, there is a modest increase in degree of vocal roughness postoperatively, and this is more noticeable when the procedure is performed in patients over 50 years of age.

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