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Founded inBlueboy got its name from a famous 18th-century portrait by Thomas Gainsborough of the same name that featured a boy dressed up in fancy blue clothes. To be included in the magazine, no one needed to declare where on the bisexual spectrum they fell, just that they fell for both genders. XY relaunched this month. World News. About 50 responses flooded in, the biggest number for any subject posted. The difference is that XY is a magazine for gay youth. XYon the other hand, is paid for entirely by its readers.

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The words, though, often come from the readers themselves confessing their fears, recounting their joys and extolling their fantasies.

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The first issue of Blueboy featured cover art that parodied the painting. Avicolli points out two factors that hinder the success of a gay teen magazine aside from the sexual orientation: It costs society its neighbors, its friends, and its productive citizens.

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Popularized by its sexy photoshoots of popular names and popular bods in the adult film industry, Men also featured erotic fiction, video reviews, and other unique features.

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