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When a woman gives in to fear and selfishness to kill the child in her womb, she will not feel that she can criticize other sinners. Facebook Twitter google-plus linkedin. Gender identities Sexual identities Sexual diversities. Namespaces Page talk page. A primary goal of the homosexual agenda is to normalize the lifestyle in public schools. Retrieved on 2 Feb. It is heavily funded, highly organized and strategically positioned to maximize its ability to change societies and cultures.

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This includes the use of demonstrative protests, which appear to be designed to censure and intimidate those who oppose them in any way.

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The Gay Agenda: What in the World Is Going On?

The idea of a homosexual agenda is also used by some Christian critics of LGBT rights in conjunction with a putative ideology they refer to as homosexualism as opposed to a synonym for homosexualityusing homosexualists to describe people who seek to advance LGBT emancipation. Retrieved July 4, Make homosexuals look good by publicizing famous homosexuals who are well-liked by the general public. Gender identities Sexual identities Sexual diversities. The aforementioned book, After the Ballis widely regarded as the handbook for the gay agenda, in which two homosexual Harvard-trained graduates, [54] Marshall Kirk —a researcher in neuropsychiatry, and Hunter Madsen pen name Erastes Pillwho was schooled in social marketing, advocated avoiding portraying gays as aggressive challengers, but as victims instead, while making all those who opposed them to be evil persecutors. Census is the best, more boring way to start this process. The former world tennis No 1 explained, for example, that an Australian programme tackling homophobic bullying in schools — something that, at first glance, may seem laudable because who wants kids to be bullied, right?

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It is heavily funded, highly organized and strategically positioned to maximize its ability to change societies and cultures. Focus on the Family provides additional quotes from After the Ball, outlining key points of the homosexual agenda: The homosexual movement does, in fact, have an agenda. Repeal of all laws that restrict the gender or number of persons entering into a marriage unit. We also hold secret negotiations every year at Gayvos with influencers who are sympathetic to our cause and help perpetuate it in subtle ways, such as wearing and popularising flannel shirts. Instead, it was foisted upon them with less than 24 hours-notice.

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