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Great comments all, but what were the victims supposed to do to protect themselves? We all have mothers, sisters, daughters, women we're close to. In the case r2 mentions, the woman is having trouble getting groceries upstairs. True stories of self defense: After the service, fans were invited to see the actresses' final resting place at Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills, a storied cemetery where numerous celebrities, including Bette Davis and Liberace, are buried or interred. Turns out the guy did have very deep-seated problems--he stalked me on and off for two years, but my therapist at the time told me it would have been worse if I'd allowed myself to get further involved with him. True fear versus worrying:

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I knew he was off the day I met him.

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Gavin de Becker

R19, a harmless person doesn't behave in ways that make others feel their adrenalin pumping or the hairs on their arms raise up, or their heart rate start increasing. It costs us nothing to be sensitive to their fears. Though not written for a general public audience, the book has readers in 25 countries. Those characters you describe as part and parcel of urban life - well most of us instinctively are going to avoid contact, cross the street if they start following us, and refuse to engage in any approach they might make. The tiger didn't go crazy, the tiger went tiger. Our primal, self-protecting instincts are alert all the time to signs of danger.

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The situation was resolved peacefully and not one person said, "I don't know what happened, he must have just snapped. Then a middle aged guy, by himself, came and sat next to my niece. And I asked why he was so bothered by that if her fear, however unfounded, was that he's rape or kill or rob her. While I hope I don't have any future murderers in my orbit, I've been able to identify people who exhibit creepy behaviors and create some separation between us. Add me to the list of possible GoF recommenders! BUT there is always still risk Pretty much when it all happened 'XXXXX XXXXX left the company' was communicated our division was very good advising employees when someone left because of clients calling in, etc people would've avoided him if they saw him in public and wouldn't have let him in to the office area.

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