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During dinner, Chris and Erik talked about the classes they were taking this semester. My precum was adding to the juice. I realized, sitting in the car, when returning to his house, that there was a big wet spot clearly visible on my light- colored jeans, on my right thigh, at the end of my out-stretched cock. Erik, who was at this point very turned on, said "Ride that buckin' bronco of yours! The Best Rugby Game Ever:

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We loved the feeling of our naked bodies together and would pull ourselves close together so our 2 erect penises would lie side by side against our naked skin.

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The warm wetness on our penises as our mutual pee filled the pot was VERY hot, and we were soon hard. I never thought he'd get married, at least this quick. Very quickly his orgasm began and the milky goo also began flowing from his slit.

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I was now sleeping naked, and loved the feel of the sheets against my nightly erection.

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