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I felt sorry for her. Did this mean I'd get fired? My name is Aiden Jones and this is the story of how I lost control of my world in just a heartbeat… Back then, I was attending an ordinary, all boys boarding school, which was kind of uncomfortable being gay, but since no one knew I managed just fine. Hope and agree to do whatever I tell you to do. You're gay- I'm a boy.

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He quickly pulled Wes' arms over either side of his head and with one hand he held his arms there while the other slapped Wes harshly across his face.

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He pulled me down again and I sucked out the rest of his cum like I was sucking snake venom out of a wound. Releasing my grip a bit on his neck I kept fantasizing of grabbing him by the thighs rather than the neck, thinking what it would be like to undress him and rub my hands all over his body. Part one:

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Part one:

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