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Open in a separate window. Associations among revictimization, substance use and psychiatric symptoms. Among an ethnically-diverse sample of gay and bisexual men, Accessed July 14, from http: And, unfortunately, most of the party guests end up having unprotected sex. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. The fact that in this study white men, HIV-negative men and men not currently using crystal responded more positively to the campaigns may indicate positive implications for prevention efforts prioritized for this particular segment of gay and bisexual men.

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Once in recovery, most gay men wrestle with the fact that they can no longer sexually perform as they did while actively using meth.

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7 Shocking Facts About Meth in the Gay Community

GMHC issues crystal report: Researchers need to collaborate with educators, health department officials, and community members to ensure proper and effective assessment of HIV risk behaviors among MSM, including crystal meth use, in all communities. He just wanted to make sure the motive wasn't derogatory: Most reported having full-time jobs Health promotion messages that challenge the perceived sexual benefits of crystal meth use and clearly delineate the relationship of crystal use to unprotected sex may be more appropriate for campaigns focusing on MSM in New York City.

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Strategies to promote social change. While some actors would have shied away from a gay character, Crystal went at it full-throttle —on stage and off. Recent reports show that, in a study of MSM across five U. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Jodie's initial proclivity for dressing as a woman and his suicidal tendencies fit a pejorative mould, and later stories involving heterosexual love weren't necessarily the most progressive either. It was very classy. The campaign may have intended to reach out to a broader population of gay and bisexual men, including HIV-positive men and men of color, but the present study shows it was less effective in this sense.

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